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Pregnancy is a significant stage in a woman’s life characterized by extreme changes in the body. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a dramatic transformation and is exposed to unique and often stressful pressure on joints, muscles and ligaments.

In many ways pregnancy raises the bar for the body to perform beyond its normal level. It places undue stress on joints due to rapid weight gain which is not evenly distributed.  Thus, it causes intense strain on certain muscles and organs. The body’s susceptibility to negative external influences is considerably higher because its natural defenses are down. Hormonal changes also play havoc with the mental and emotional disposition of a pregnant woman.

In such a situation, it is very important to maintain physical well-being and mental equilibrium to ensure a smooth and safe passage through this phase and to minimize discomfort, reducing aches and pains and eliminating the likelihood of damaging influences.

We have designed our Pre- and Post-Natal Massage Therapy to address specifically the physical and hormonal changes that take place within the body. Our Pre-Natal Massage is aimed at preparing the body to gain strength and enhance the body’s natural resilience to withstand the pressures of childbirth.

Studies indicate that women who undergo Pre-Natal Massage Therapy face fewer complications; perform remarkably well before, during and after labor; and their bodies demonstrate better resilience in recovering from the after effects of pregnancy. Pre-Natal Massage has been known to reduce bodily discomfort, internal pain and the mental anxiety that usually accompany pregnancy.

Pre-Natal Massage Therapy has also demonstrated a proven efficacy in maximizing strength and endurance, mentally and physically, during labor and minimizing the effects of exhaustion.

Pre-Natal Massage is also known to contribute significantly to the health and safety of both the mother and the baby.

Our Post-Natal Massage also assists in aiding the body to achieve a healthy and steady return to normalcy after childbirth. The body has undergone extreme changes and our Post-Natal Massage recognizes the demands that has been placed on the different stress points and is systematically aimed at relieving aches and tensions by soothing strokes and also promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling in the ankles.

The excitement and anxiety of pregnancy and childbirth is usually followed by disturbing sleep patterns and Post-Natal Massage can help you overcome the stress and aid in inducing a calm, soothing and restful sleep.

In addition to administering Post-Natal Massage, your Registered Massage Therapist at Ace Physio can offer you guidance on physical exercises to regain your strength post childbirth.


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