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Swedish Massage Therapy has been known to produce instant, emphatic and highly visible results in patients. There is usually an immediate and noticeable improvement in a person’s appearance, posture and facial expression following a professionally performed Swedish Massage Therapy. No wonder, for most people Swedish Massage is arguably the most popular type of massage treatment. This technique is almost synonymous with massage therapy in most parts of the western world.

As its name suggests, the technique originated in Sweden and is a unique combination of Eastern and Western Massage techniques adapted to meet the requirements of the modern lifestyle. Swedish Massage Therapy contains a wide repertoire of energetic and soothing movements which have been systematically combined to produce highly relaxing and extremely rejuvenating results.

Swedish Massage Therapy is characterized by a harmoniously synchronized series of soft, smooth, rhythmic movements applied to specific pressure points. Every key feature or movement in a Swedish Massage Therapy is accompanied by a specific set of benefits:

          The long and smooth strokes relax and soothe the skin and superficial tissues;

          The kneading movement energizes the deeper tissues, strengthens the muscles and stimulates the metabolic functions;

          The circular motion improves blood circulation, driving away fatigue and boosting the body’s natural immune strength;

          The unique cupping motion identifies and gathers stress from knotted tissues to release them and increase flexibility and muscle strength.

While Swedish Massage Therapy is most popular for its relaxing and restorative properties, it is also an effective and natural method to achieve relief from chronic and painful ailments. Swedish Massage Therapy has been found to be especially effective in the treatment of debilitating joint disorders because it provides relief by stimulating the release of endorphins, a neuro-chemical compound proven to possess natural, pain-relieving abilities.

By consulting with your Ace Physio Registered Massage Therapist and informing them of your specific health objectives, a Swedish Massage Therapy session can achieve spectacularly significant benefits.

Swedish Massage is a naturally safe and enjoyable method of energizing the body to find solace and strength to face the day-to-day stresses of the everyday working life:.

          Prevent or overcome depression to achieve an improved sense of physical well-being;

          Revive and rejuvenate from stress-induced tiredness;

          Clear the mind of doubtful and irrational fears to improve confidence and focus;

          Strengthen the immune system and prevent illnesses;

          Tone the body by assisting lymphatic drainage and naturally flushing out toxins.

For most people, a Swedish Massage is the perfect way to start a holiday or relax after a stressful and tiring day at work or a long and tedious journey. 

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