Deep Tissue MassageMassage Toronto

When the muscles or tendons in your body are subjected to prolonged stress they become rigid.  You may encounter discomfort, pain and sometimes even a listless feeling of lethargy. There could be many reasons which cause your body to stiffen and suffer from soreness – athletic injuries, improper posture or even plain stress.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, as the name suggests, is a specialized technique which stimulates and energizes your body’s internal tissues. It involves applying calculated pressure at specific points on your body to reach the interconnecting tissue or fascia which lie deep within the body. The therapy effectively combines intelligent application of moderate and strong pressures on the superficial tissues to stimulate the connected tissues which lie deeper, thereby releasing stress, tension and soreness from the muscles, tendons and organs.

Besides enabling the muscles to become more pliable and supple, the techniques used in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy also aids in eliminating toxins from the body, balancing and maintaining optimal metabolic functions. Athletes and other professionals who are involved in strenuous physical activity are the most common candidates for Deep Tissue Massage. Individuals who are affected by soreness caused by an accidental injury such as whiplash or work-related stress which could lead to a stiff neck or chronic back pain may also seek relief from pain and discomfort through Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

While Deep Massage Therapy can act as an efficient remedial form of treatment for sports related injuries and aid in accelerating the healing process for damaged tissues, it can also provide general health and well being benefits such as improved metabolic function, glowing skin, better posture and improved concentration levels. In some cases, where patients susceptible to hypertension do not respond favorably to pharmacological treatment, doctors have been known to recommend Deep Massage Therapy as an alternative to improve and stabilize their metabolism.

Following a Deep Massage Therapy session, it is not uncommon to experience a general soreness throughout the body not unlike the after effects experienced after a strenuous workout at the gym. The soreness can be associated with a form of heightened awareness of the tissues which have been stimulated and awakened by Deep Massage Therapy.  This residual feeling will soon disappear and the body returns to normalcy in a few days.

Among the other ancillary benefits of Deep Massage Therapy are the reduction in stress related hormone levels and a general boosting of the body’s immune system, thereby reducing an individual’s susceptibility to illnesses. While undergoing Deep Massage Therapy, an immediate lowering of the heart beat has also been known to enhance the almost instant relaxation produced by the secretion of hormones which promote a happy and pleasant outlook.

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