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With the growing awareness of its extraordinary health benefits , massage therapy is today recognized as an effective and reliable means of achieving relaxation, promoting wellness, combating fatigue, healing internal injuries, and relieving and reducing pain.  Ace Physio offers you many specialized types of massage therapy performed by highly experienced and professionally qualified Registered Massage Therapists (RMT).

Ace physio, a highly regarded physiotherapy clinic, has a team of healthcare professionals who bring proven expertise and years of successful practice to the massage table. You can rest assured that your health and well-being are in good hands when you make an appointment for a massage at Ace Physio.

How can you benefit from our Massage Therapy?

In addition to administering a massage treatment of your choice, our professionally trained and licensed Registered Massage Therapist will provide expert consultatation and advice related to orthopedic, muscular and neurological conditions.

A recurring stiff neck or a persistent pain in your legs or on the soles of your feet may be the result of an athletic injury or induced by stress related neuromuscular conditions. Following a professional assessment of your orthopedic and neurological condition, our Registered Massage Therapist can prescribe appropriate remedial measures to ease the pain and provide natural, safe and effective methods to regain optimum health.

You can gain instant relief at the hands of a Registered Massage Therapist who is adept at accessing and repairing soft tissue (muscles and tendons), skeletal injuries and chronic neuromuscular conditions.

Your Registered Massage Therapist can also evaluate how your lifestyle and routine activities are affecting your body and recommend preventive and remedial exercises and practical advice to maintain your overall health for the long term.

What you can expect when you go for a massage therapy session?

To provide you with the best value for your massage therapy, we have created the perfect environment. From the moment you enter our discreet downtown Toronto Physiotherapy Clinic, you will feel a calming and soothing sense of relaxation and well-being in a warm, and clean clinical setting.

Your treatment takes place in quiet privacy on a deluxe massage table optimized for comfort. According to your preference, mood lighting, music and aromatic scents contribute to an enjoyable and luxurious experience. Soft music or tranquil sounds may be used to influence the body and mind and create calming state of tranquility.  Discreetly arranged candlelight and pleasant scents wafting from aromatherapy oils complete the atmosphere.

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